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HELP ! What export options should i use for facebook?

Balan Mihai

New Member
Hi guys, so the title pretty much says it all. I want to recreate that type of quality when i export https://www.facebook.com/versuridinstrada/?fref=ts
My and that page have similar content, but i can't get to the image quality when i export out of photoshop. I got CS6, can upgrade if needed. Facebook literally murders my image quality, will leave you a link to my facebook page so you can see for yourself. https://www.facebook.com/musicquotes1
I need information from everything related to exporting in full quality for facebook, i gave you an example in the first sentence. From the file format to the color profile i should use, Thank you!
Thank you mate, i don't wanna sound edgy, haha. I used google, tried all the methods there, still can't achiev that page's quality, i just can't. I want to reproduce the exact same quality, i asked them perosnally their export method and they didn't want to share it. Thank you for your welcome and answer, appreciate it bud !
The problem may not be the upload/export technique, it may be the images themselves.
Instead of posting the links, lets see how one of your images stacks up to an image from the first FB page you linked us to.