Help with clan logo

Hello, 532249_370323359674329_151032158270118_1061771_528096424_n.jpg i was wondering if somebody can make me a logo that says DoM linked together like Optic Gaming.I want the letters like that, but I want the D red, the O silver, and the M black...I would like them to also be metallic too.
So you want the D& M linked together but where does the o fit in and how do you link The D&M.

You cant link letters when you have a letter in the middle of them. If you link the o with either the d or M then that is putting emphasis on the O which is not really what you want I dont think. here is what I mean

As you can see that is the closest you will get to actually linking the 2 main letters and no that is not an idea just demonstrating the fault in your design idea.

Also you have not given us the full name to work with that would help.

You also fail to mention what the logo is for if it is a wallpaper great gives us plenty of options however if it needs to be the size of a thumbnail for game battles etc then we need it to be small and clear.

I suggest you set a theme and let the designers suggest the best layout for it you will get far more interest that way.

3d is great for large pictures but does not shrink down to well
It is for my clan...destroyers of man......and can u just do DM linked together and have D red with silver outlining, and M silver with red outlining, and metallic paint
Yet again how are you expecting a D & an M to link together

May I suggest just keeping it simple maybe something like this. You have the D and the M and then you also have the o as a reference to it but not dominating the logo
Ok last 1 for me bed time but was good to have a mess around. Gave it more of a gaming logo kind of look and a bit edgier. I am sure someone else will be along to give you some variation. That is in full 1920 x 1080 resolution you have the likes of mattattack online now he likes doing logos etc maybe some of them can help you out
DOM2 wallpaper1080.png
Ok I got distracted I am sure it is of no use to you but I liked the new look of your logo I was making so had to animate it give it a while to render and I will upload it to youtube. and if you have a youtube channel I will redo it properly and bring it into after effects for some finishing touches. Just supply me with your youtube channel name eg
Which version I can redo the 2nd 1 with your channel details.

I only liked my design hence I actually turned it into an intro just to see what it looked like animated.

As this is the case and you like it then if I upload it to your channel I think it is only fair though that I get credited for it as I have done it for free so the condition is I will let you have my intro but if you use it then every video you do so then you credit me in the description with a link to my new channel. (oh dear just saw my channel it still has a test background for somebody else lol)
As I do normally charge anywhere from $100 + for them normally

I havent got time to do an audio track for it but maybe will do later at some other time.
ya dude thats cool! You made it so i have no problem giving you credit! We can add AAudio all we need is the video! ill also advertise you on my site www,
It will be easier just to give you the video here so that you can add it to your videos before you render them.

However this is in h.264 format to keep file size down but still plays ok at 1080. you may just need to boost contrast slightly in your video editor but once you have edited it once save that version and then drag it into your timeline
View attachment DM1_1.rar
  • WebM files - Vp8 video codec and Vorbis Audio codecs
  • .MPEG4, 3GPP and MOV files - Typically supporting h264, mpeg4 video codecs, and AAC audio codec
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thats all the video formats they support...not .rar