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Help with getting the skills, please


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Hi guys. I'm just joined the forum and started to learn Photoshop about two weeks ago. But thing is, mainly what I've been doing is just watching the tutorials and almost no practice. Well, I've tried to follow the teacher but still, what I was doing is just repeating everything. Of course I've learned the basics but now I want to gain practical skills and create stuff by myself without tutorials.

Can anyone help me and tell what should be my next steps? I would like to get some tasks from people but don't know where to start from. Maybe there's something on this forum for the beginners? Or someone can be like my tutor and give tasks and check it later. First I wanted to create an account on Freelancer and do some simple jobs for free but then I realized that I might let people down if I accept the task but won't be able to make it properly as I''m just a beginner.

Or maybe there is some sort of online course where I will be given tasks to do and then I will need to send it to my tutor so they could check my work? It might be a paid course, although not too expensive.

I hope you will help me!
Hello and welcome to PSG.

I think your placing the cart before the horse. I believe you were on the right track by following tutorials. You should continue doing as many tutorials as you can....don't just watch them........do them!

Here's your first assignment. Learn how to use the Pen Tool.

Take this image of Cherries...

I want you to cut out a section from the Cherries in the size shown below and follow each and every curve with the PenTool.
Show your work.
Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 6.03.48 PM.png

use selection> color range to selection the grass and tree (Green) and copy it to a new layer.

after a while you learn that a pen tool may not be the fastest and easiest way to proper select an subject.
Hey guys, thank you very much for your tasks, that's exactly what I wanted.

So, you see, IamSam I learned the pen tool, I followed the tutorials, but when you gave me this task I didn't understand at all what should I do! So I need these tasks a lot and would like to continue to learn like this, although not sure if I can continue learning in this thread? I would like to find a place where I can, but if there's not, I hope this thread will do.
Now, about your task. I'm sure you explained me everything clearly, although I'm not really sure what you have asked me to do. You want me to make a selection, that circle, with the pen tool, am I right? I tried, but it's really hard to do so for me with the pen tool! And I thought: why bother if I can just use Eliptical Marquee tool? It's much easier than to do this with a pen? So explain me, please. Because it's a no problem with any other selection tool for me.

Ok, tuutuutuut, thanks for the task! Now look, I've tried to make it like you said - to make a selection with a color range. But it wasn't the best, if you look at the tree and in some places on the grass - there are some gaps and this don't look nice.

But then I just used a quick selection tool - and much better. What do you think?
So when I made a selection, I just did Edit>Copy and then Edit>Paste on a new file
Hi Igozorus

I think what Sam was asking you to do was make a selection with the Pen Tool like this only the fall size of the circle
P.S. this was done very quickly just for demo purposes


If you're not familiar using the Pen Tool it can be a bit difficult to get use to at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's a great tool for making precise selections
Here's some tutorials on the Pen Tool

And here's something to practice with
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Thank you Ged. That's exactly what I was asking. I know your example was for demo, but I want the stems included in the selection.

@Igozorus You say you have learned the Pen Tool, let's see your skills!

You came here to be challenged so you can learn.....................if your not up to the challenges you will never learn anything.

By the way, your selection of the grassy hill was a failure. You used the Quick Selection Tool and not the Color Range as you were asked to do!

tuutuutuut said:
use selection> color range to selection the grass and tree (Green) and copy it to a new layer.

Here I used COLOR RANGE to remove the green hill to it's own layer.
Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 10.36.50 AM.png

Here I used the Quick Selection Tool to remove the green hill to it's own layer.
Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 10.38.11 AM.png

Notice any differences between mine and yours??????

If you ask us for help, it would be polite if you would at least make some effort to follow our instructions.

If you don't understand something .........ask.
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tuutuutuut Please this does not help anyone. If your going to try help someone, you have to be honest an give an accurate critique of their work.

tuutuutuut said:
very very nice!
Like MK3 : Excellent!

Let's compare our selections on a white background.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 10.45.17 AM.png

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 10.49.53 AM.png

You seem to have left out quite a bit of color as pointed out by the blue arrows.

I'm completely devoted to helping you out if you want help. Please just follow instructions and ask questions.
more nuanced then; not a true picasso yet but for a first attempt it's not bad at all my friend!
I absolutely agree, but if you don't point out imperfections, then the OP has no opportunity to grow.