Help with pre-made ecommerce sites(shopify-Bigcommerce) VS Template with own hosting


I need a E-commerce site like yesterday:) and have come across the big guys(shopify,Bigcommerce,Volusion.But I'm having a problem deciding what route to take now?

I see you can buy or download a free E-commerce Template and just pay the Hosting with Godaddy.Looks like everything is much less this way compared to the big guys.

In the end I'm the person uploading the images/Description so what do the E-commerce guys really offer?

I'm also very confused what Data Transfer means:banghead: Volusion talks about it with the packages but shopify speaks about storage and bandwith. What option is better"?

My site will sell snowboard gear,Footwear etc so having the option for sizing/Colour is a must

I really wish for the site to look like this But I know they cost $$$

Any help is Great

Thanks :cheesygrin: