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Help with Premiere Pro text tracking length


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Heyya hope i'm in the right sub. I'm very new to Premiere and I've come to a standstill. Tried searching the net for an answer but can't find one. Anyway, what I'm trying to do is basically track the text to my voice. As the pic shows, the text is ok which I'm saying in audio as well. However, it only lasts for like a millisecond. So I want it gone from screen after I said it. I don't know how to cut it to that short. At purple "ok" bar at the top, the blue line is where I want to cut it off but I can't do it in the sequence. Is there any way to cut that top bar?

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Figured it out. I just saw someone expand the sequence which I didn't know how to do either.

May I ask another, how do I slow down the video/audio so that I can catch where this split second vocals are? Like the next line is, "ok.. ok. ok" which is so hard to pin point 3 in a row. The alt/shift (can't remember which) + J thing doesn't really help for me. Any other methods?


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We're really sorry, but as I already said, this is primarily a Photoshop forum, and occasionally someone helps out with other software.
I've never seen somebody posting/helping out with Premiere Pro...:thinking: