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Hey Everyone!


I am new on here, and probably about as green as you can get as far as photoshop goes!
Yup, I don't even have it yet.

I am getting more and more interested in it though as I see what people can do with it.

I tried using my sisters a while back, I think it was 6, and I was lost.
I am a drafter, 3d manufacturing graphics guy so I have SOME crossover skills but probably not much.

Where would you suggest I start?
Is there a free or super cheap way to get into photo shop?

Is it worth it to take classes at a local community college? I tend to learn and absorb better in a hands on structured environment than just to go at it free style, but I did have pretty good success with Mastercam's advanced books on my own.
Hi crisco

Welcome to PSG

PS is an awesome tool for Graphic editing, if you got 3d knowledge this program will suit you pretty well, you can create a lot of mixed compositions, that's definitely a plus.

You can download the CS5 XTD version as TRIAL, and start getting to know the Ui and the different tools available, and about the classes, is definitely worth it, but as most of us you can learn also by yourself making use of the tutorials, and all the free info available on the NET, but ultimately is up to you to choose your way of learning, and don't forget to come along if there's any question or doubt about PS, well be happy to help.

Good luck.


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Yeah I agree with M@X.
Download the trial version and post as may questions as you can think of here at PSG, we're glad to help you out.

If you qualify there is a Teacher Students edition for around $200.
You can also try PS Elements for $90.


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There are some great avatars here and yeah, baby Charlie is creepy as they come IMO!
I initially went to a community college to learn Photoshop and Dreamweaver. I am like you. Really helps to have the structure so I'm not all over the place learning bits and pieces. It's amazing though, how much I've learned since I joined PSG. Partly because there's so much information sharing and partly because of the different challenges that come up. I'm sure there a few more "partly's" I can't think of at the moment. You can find lots of tutorials here and around the web to supplement what you learn. Lots of fun techniques and projects from serious to whacky in the tutorials. I also belong to lynda.com and the instruction there is amazing.

Enjoy and welcome.
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