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Hi from Brazil :3


Hi, people. My name is Bruno and I live in Brazil, so don't mind with my horrible english. I have a vast experience with Photoshop, there are almost 2 years that I've been working with it (by the way, I beacme off with my works for 5 months because of my computer), and I was an administrator of a brazillian design forum, that I had to close because of my time offline. I really adore working with PS, and that is my load-off of the day, every day. I try to make new things and make up new techs, being always different. I have a DeviantArt too, where I post my images and some drawings and photos, but it is offline too because of the speed of my internet (40 Kbps per second). So, I'm pretty sure that I will make new friends, learn a lot about design (and a little about english too, hehe) and if possible, teach what I know to the others. Bye and see you later.