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Hi guys I'm NicSui (new member)

Nic Sui

New Member
Hi guys, I'm NicSui.

1. How can I request a high quality makeover of a picture (specific)?
2. Is it for free or how much do I need to pay?

To be honest I don't use Photoshop, but I'm always amazed by some Gurus in this culture.

I wish you all a good weekend.



Staff member
Hell NicSui and welcome to PSG.

First let me state that Photoshop Gurus is primarily a training and discussion forum. In providing training for our members, we have a Free Photoshop Requests forum which is not a service that we provide, but a courtesy available to the public with the intent to serve as a teaching opportunity for our members. You will be required to post your image in that forum and you will only receive help from interested members. The quality of the edit may vary.

Please read the guidelines for the Free Image Edit Request before you post your request to the forum.

We also provide a paid service which is a fee for service section known as the Photoshop Freelance Work forum. Here you can pay one of our qualified freelancers to perform the edit to your specific satisfaction. You deal directly with a freelancer off forum, this means that you don't have to upload your image directly to the request thread if you don't want to.

If this interests you then please read the Instructions for posting a Freelance job. Here you will find out what criteria is needed for posting such as Thread title, type of job, budget and payment, and job deadline.

The above mentioned link will also provide a list of minimum job pricing before you create your thread in the Photoshop Freelance Work (fee for service section).

Good luck!