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Hi. I have a Story


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I hope I'm not breaking any rules here.

The reason I say that is because I've been developing image editing skills with everything but photoshop. In fact , I've never used it.

About 3 years ago I was home from work with an injury for about 5 weeks and started playing with gimp and microsoft paint in an
effort to make Star Wars and Star Trek themed wallpapers for my phone because I could never find what I was looking for online
or in the Play Store. As I improved , I started buying other expensive software and started creating some pretty cool stuff that looks
great on my phone. I've been doing this for years now and branched off into non movie related things. Yeah , I want to show off.
Of course the the movie and TV related stuff might appear to contain copyrighted material so I'm not trying to sell anything and they
are for personal use only.

I have this idea that if I could create an android app to upload to the play store to display and let people download the non movie and TV
stuff I could make some money with adds in the app or something. I'm not a coder so you know how difficult it is to do that kind of thing.
I would really love to find a way to supplement my income with this new found skill of mine. Of course , now that I think of it I could just go and
read the TOS.

Anyway , I'm going to hold off on posting any images until I get some feedback from the admins and members. Thanks in advance.