Hi ..warning total noob

Hello to everyone

my names jim and i am a total noob with photoshop, not that great with computers etc
so basically i am probably your worse nightmare

i have a very old pc that is running PS 7 but hopefully that is going to change in the new year when i get a newer laptop and an up to date version of PS
i just like copying tutorials at the moment ,i am quite keen on playing battlefield etc on xbox (yes i know i should grow up at 43) so have a Facebook page ,this is what got me into Photoshop as i wanted to make fan pictures and cover pictures ,i am totally un-educated in things like this ....was a bricklayer now a machine driver

anyway thats about it for now
totally understand if you want to avoid me and my dumb questions lol

thanks for reading im off for a look around

looks cool by the way

many thanks


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Welcome to PSG mate hey there's nothing wrong with gaming lol i'd be on battlefield now if hitman & photoshop wasn't distracting me, anyway i've not been here long myself but you're in the right place everyone's friendly & helpful enjoy your stay mate see you around :cheesygrin:
Thanks for the welcome
seems like a good place and just what i have been looking for

i will try to find what i want before i ask ,as im sure stuff gets repeated loads on here

thanks again guys



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Hi Jim.

And welcome, your just below me in years so don't worry, leave that to us older members:cry:
You sound like me on the job front lol, been there did both of those as a way of earning money, shops a cool hobby and some turn it into a living (lucky buggers).
Stick around and ask away, what part of England you in mate, used to live over there.
graham you tubev 3 copy.jpg This is the sort of stuff i mess about with,rubber bullets is one of our guys online name i play with and the flag text is our platoon tag we use on line Battlefield UK and was done using a tutorial fb cover pic MASK soldiercopy copy.jpg
Hi jim-lee. I suggest you start another thread for your images in the Graphic Design Showroom. Otherwise, people may not see your work. A lot of members don't read the introduction sections. :mrgreen: