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Paid Higher neckline + soft sunset

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I was wondering if someone could help me raise the dress just a little (so the cleavage isn’t too deep) and give this photo a very soft sunset? That it looks natural? I would be very grateful!! Because now it looks dark and gray and I would also like to lighten it up a little. And I kinda like this photo, that’s why I want to edit it.

Hey guys, what's the status on this job. The OP is wanting me to delete the request. Has anyone been contacted by this OP?
Maybe it's better to just close it, she before posting here, contacted me on my personal website, not on this forum, currently waiting for payment. I only noticed that she posted on this forum too.
There was some major concerns about this thread that were reported to me. I can assure you that I investigated the matter thoroughly and found no problems here. To summarize, the OP had placed this paid request here on the PSG forum first. Upon viewing the results posted, she felt that none of the edits offered actually captured her idea of what she was looking for. Rather than posting her concerns here in the thread and asking for corrections, she went off forum and found a (random) website where she again posted her request. There she found she was happy with the results and returned here to PSG asking to have her Paid request thread removed. Since I've had recent reports and concerns on other Paid requests being canceled or closed, and when @asahid made his post above, there was some questions posed by members, about poaching paid edits from the forum. After investigating, I can assure everyone that the OP finding a PSG member off forum on another website was purely incidental and a complete coincidence!!! It's reasonable to expect that all of you might be posting on other sites, boards, or forums so this situation was bound to happen sooner or later, if it hasn't already.

As a general rule, we don't delete threads or images posted to the forum. It clearly states in all of our posted rules that if you require privacy, you can ask for privacy only in the paid forum. The OP clearly did not read the rules and is now asking to have the request thread along with the images removed. We don't remove threads or images (unless it involves children). But I will compromise by blurring out the woman in the images, which I assume is the OP. This should satisfy the OP and I will keep the originals as a matter of legal record.

I consider this matter closed...................moving on.
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