Holiday Challenge: Valentine's Day Feb. 14th - "Cupid v2.0"

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Valentine Challenge “Cupid v2.0”

Without getting into the entire history of the celebration, Valentine’s day was associated with romantic love in the Middle Ages, when the tradition of courtly love flourished. By the 15th century, it became an occasion in which love was expressed for each other by presenting flowers, offering confectionery, and sending handwritten greeting cards referred to as valentines.

Even with heavy religious overtone, Cupid, a remnant figure from Roman Mythology, survives to modern day symbolism associated with Valentine’s Day.

Cupid, the mythic God of love whose nature represents heavenly and earthly love, is often portrayed as using an arrow shot from his iconic bow to inspire romantic love.


It’s time to change the classic imagery of Cupid! In this challenge, Cupid needs a creative and innovative upgrade from his traditional form! TRADITIONAL CUPID

You can depict your “Cupid” either by itself or in a traditional role of inflicting (some kind of) inspiration onto unsuspecting victims!


Cupid does not have to be human and can be male or female.
Cupid must have the iconic bow, arrow(s), and wings.
No text. The image must tell it’s own story without text.
(Please be tasteful with no nudity.)

Deadline for this challenge is:
February 14th, 2013.

Midnight GMT.

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re: Holiday Challenge: Valentine's Day Feb. 14th - "Cupid v2.0"


A new challenge. And it looks to be a good one.

Congratz on winning Challenge 7 IamSam. :thumbsup:
Actually, Inkz, no one has been announced on challenge 7 yet. I updated the title on this one since it is not one of the number sequenced challenges. This is a special holiday challenge, so actually no. 2 or for 2013, no. 1. And a very special one it is, dear to my heart, so to speak!

Looking forward to getting Started on this Sam <rubs hands together> Ouch, burning. Was that a hot arrow hit them?
"tasteful" damn, i'm out >_<

Since I already got warned for my christmas card entry,
I don't think this competition is really meant for me.


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Hoogle, My hope is that everyone will have fun with this one. We should see some pretty creative entries!

Thanks Inkz, I knew what you meant.

Clare, thanks for updating the title. I look forward to your entries!

chrisix, On an absolute serious note, I genuinely hope that you reconsider. Would love to see what you put together!
First entry again. That's a sure sign that I'll lose! :rofl: Maybe it's being unemployed . . . time on my hands . . . too many chores so they get ignored of course . . . have to take pills for the backache . . . too much computer . . . chasing the mouse . . . addicted to Photoshop . . . it's Shoppers Anonymous for me tomorrow.

The Valentine Gift

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good start i like it , i have an idea in mind just trying to find the right pictures to put it all together
The Valentine Gift Sources

Source Pics:



BG: caunos_antique_city_by_sacmaluk-d508iho
Cupid Archer: archery_world_cup_4_by_marinshe-d3c5h5i
Lady in Red SIlk: red_silk11_by_faestock-d4lsbsw
Valentine Girl: Faestock_Rose3

all the above from

Jewelry from various retail websites
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Great image Clare! Again, totally you! It's always PSA (Photoshoppers Anonymous) for me!

Egosbar, can't wait to see what you come up with.

Jessicayla, kinda missed you around here, glad your back. Can't wait to see your ideas.

Paul, love the speedo! I was hoping for an animated GIF from you!
OMG, now I'm crying. What a dork. I had to find an arm that could work with the model and so I gave her two right arms! I think I stayed up too late working on this. It's also too high. Sigh, back to the drawing board on this one, lol.
heres mine -

"think bigger cupid "

now for your help , how do i draw in the bowline

i would also like to twist cupid and the moon so he looks like he is shooting more towards the earth


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I love yours egosbar. Like I said, you are raising the bar. Damn, you're the new challenge. Thank god, you can't win the next one!!!

BTW, I wish it worked. The arrow of love hitting the earth. Such a sentimental chap you are!
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