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Specific Holiday pictures with company flag


For our internal teambuilding I need to photoshop some holiday pictures to include our company logo:
1. Eiffel Tower in Paris - the flag that the guy is holding needs to be replaced by our flag
2. Skiing trip in Austria - the race flag needs to be replaced by our flag (or at least one side of it)
3. Beach - the beach towel needs to be replaced by our flag
4. (as a joke) On the moon - the flag needs to be replaced by ours

I have tried myself but with no experience at all I'm failing at getting these look 'real'. It doesn't have to be super professional but we would like our people to see the concept. If you guys can help me out... that would be great! Thanks a lot!!!


Triple A on skiing holiday.jpg

Mod edit: removed picture French flag and Eifeltower - copyright ®REUTERS

Triple A on the beach.jpg

Triple A on the moon.gif
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Wauw that looks really great, exactly what I was looking for. To make it easier and only if you want to: can you make the beach towel white (no logo)?