How do I flip a single Layer?


I was trying out one of the tutorials on the tutorial page. It was the "Creating Classy Glass Buttons" one. One of the steps says to flip the layer vertically. I can't quite figure out how to do that. It always wants to flip the whole thing. I'm using PS7.



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Hi, :) I haven't looked at the tutorial you mentioned, but if all you want to do is flip a layer vertically you do this. Make sure you have the layer you want to flip selected then: Go to Edit>Transform>Flip Vertical.
Is that what you were looking for?


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Newbie248 said:
I'm really not sure what I was doing wrong.
You most likely did Image/Rotate Canvas/Flip Canvas Vertical.

It's important to understand that 'canvas' deals with the complete image and not a single layer.