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How do I make the eyes look better?

Hi guys, this is not an edit request, I'm asking for help in doing this for myself.
I hope you can help me out with this problem. I have this photo în attachments and I can't find a way to make eyes look better, basically now they are like frog eyes :))
Can you help me with a tip or smtng?

Thanks în advance and wish you a happy New year. IMG_20181227_115337.jpg


Staff member
Hello and welcome.

I assume we're talking about the young man.

What do you mean by frog eyes? I don't see anyone with frog eyes......sorry.

His eye's look fine. What is your idea of "looking better"?
Hi Andrei
I suggest:
1) Converting to a Smart Object
2) Apply Liquify Filter. Use the eye adjustment tools (e.g. eye tilt and eye height) to give it the look you desire

Worth a shot and hope it helps
John Wheeler