How do I move photoshop from my old computer to my new computer?

I have photoshop on my current/old computer. I recently purchased a new computer and I can't find my photoshop cd anywhere! Is there any way that I can download photoshop from my current/old computer and install it on my new computer?


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You may have difficulty that one.... you may be able to transfer the adobe program files.... but you have other files to contend with - hidden files , registry files , TWAIN , etc.....

Best bet is to find that CD. or contact adobe for help if they can issue you a new copy... you have to give them your proof of purchase ...

Sorry... it's the only way.
As previously posted you have no chance doing this. Sotware vendors love the fact that you cannot do this as it helps with copy protection.

If you really must move it, and you cannot find a disk anywhere, then the only hope is to take a system image of the whole of your old computer, and then restore this image to the new machine. Then, mostly, all your programs and settings will have been transferred. There will be some licensing issues with some programs. This task is of medium difficulty and unless you are happy with messing around with disk partitions then you should get some assistance. The software that may be able to do this for you is Acronis True Image, and you will have to do a hardware independant restore on the new machine.

Of course, doing this means that ALL of the new machine is lost.


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As long as you have an authentic serial number and are registered with Adobe I think should be able to help you out.
DO NOT uninstall PS from the old computer yet and when you do Deactivate it first under the Help menu.

Good luck.