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How I can create diagonal lines effect over photo?

Hello, everybody,
I would have liked to know how to edit the photo to get this effect?
Does anyone have a hint for me how to do this?
If someone knows an action script that does this and you have to pay for it, I don't have a problem, I pay for it.
Thanks in advance for any help.

That's the edited image:

This is the original picture:

Just a pattern overlay isn't. I think.
Just clapping diagonal lines over it is not enough, I think.
The lines look irregular.
Looks like a colored engraving effect combined with a color image?
The lines mix too much with the original image. I find.

Thanks again in advance for any tip.
Best regards,
Hi Eggy,
Thank you very much for your respond.
I saw the YouTube videos. The problem is when I do the tutorials, the image is always converted to black and white.
But I want the final image to be colored. All halftone and engraved tutorials make the image black and white.


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Hey, you don't need to turn it into a B&W image.
You can keep the colors and apply the diagonal lines and using a blend mode on the lines layer.
This is of course a bit a 'trial and fail' method since you need to choose the best fitting color of the diagonal lines and choose the best fitting (not everybody has the same taste) blend mode (or not).
Keeping the colors will make it a bit harder to achieve what you want hence the above...

But keep in mind that half tone is a 'reproduction' of an ancient print method causing dots or lines and it was in B&W since printing colors was not 'invented' then.
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