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How to achieve this kind of effect


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Permission to post Admin Gurus:

I would like to ask or your help on how to achieve the same effect as the image I posted. (Ship covered with sugar grains)
Thanks in advance.
I don't know how your image was done, but if I were to do it, id do it like this:

1 - change it's saturation to 0 (black and white)
4 black and white.png
2 - use a curves layer to make shadows and overall brighter
4 curves.png
3 - do some surface blur to get rid of unwanted texture
4 surface blur.png
4 - add the "sugary" texture with some monochromatic uniform noise
4 noise.png
5 - reduce the noise in dark areas so it doesn't look weird (done here with blending options)
4 blending.png
6 - brighten up the reflection and reduce its saturation (here I also fixed some masking on the left side of the boat)
4 reflexion and mask.png

And done! Here is the .psd
View attachment sugar boat.psd

did it work...?