How to change white to black



How can you change a white shirt to a black shirt in Photoshop? Do you use hue/saturation?


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This is a bit of a sticky problem, which I admit I haven't come across before. If I were you though, I'd try to select the parts of the shirt you want to change then hit ctrl+j to make it it's own layer. Image->adjustments->black&white and put all the sliders at black. If that isn't dark enough, follow it up with image->adjustments->brightness/contrast and pull the brightness slider down until it works (repeat this step as necessary).

this'll probably require some tweaking, but it should at least get you close.


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I thought about that mfox, but if there are any shadows on the shirt (as there very likely will be) inverting the color might throw things off.

edit: it could do something like this:

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Desaturate, then follow screenshot (fiddle with the settings):

Tons of other ways to do this with different results, but I have not much time show them.
If you want to tern black in to white and white in to black in an image, select the image-->Layers tab-->cllick on the fourth icon from the menu in bottom --> click on invert

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