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How to create digital neon glow in photoshop?

This is my own way of creating glow like #1. Not same of course. I use internet photo for sample
1 - cutout lady from background (name: CUTOUT of LADY).
2 - on CUTOUT of LADY layer, do cutout of hair and make new layer with it (name: HAIR ONLY).
3 - make copy of CUTOUT of LADY layer and fill shape with dark blue (name: BLUE FILL) adjust as see below. do soft brush erase on face if want.
4 - above background layer make new layer and fill with GRADIENT (name: GRADIENT FILL).
5 - above HAIR ONLY layer make gradient map (name: GRADIENT MAP).
6 - make GRADIENT MAP adjust as see below.
you can change settings to what you like.
Hope this similar in what you look for. If you want PSD file I can post for you.


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@IngridO Hi Ingrid0, is there any chance I could have a copy of the .psd file to practice this.
If you still have it.