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How to do a buzz cut?


Thanks, Polarwoc

I did a simple search on google "blond fuzz cut" and looks for an image with a similar position, quality, and light in my quick search I couldn't find a light blond that fit well so I use this one of Justin Timberlake.

justin-timberlake-04-gq_getty_b copia.jpg

Then I cut the top of the head by the skin because it's a lot easier to blend with the other skin by erasing with low opacity. Then did the usual adjustments like colors, contrast, and light to blend it, and finally, I add a little bit of blur (gaussian) to match the quality of the original image.
Then I noticed the hairline was too low so I cut the hairline with skin again and put it a bit higher

I'm not good at explaining procedures so hope it's understandable ^^

Best Regards,