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How to get a good scan from wall sticker?


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I was wondering if anyone could please advise me how to get a good scan from a sticker that is stuck on a wall? I tried taking a picture with a camera but I can't seem to get as good of quality as I would if I actually scanned the sticker on a flatbed scanner. Do anyone have any ideas or tips to achieve just as good results without scanning the image on a flatbed scanner? Thank you in advance.
Hi Knowledge

Welcome to PhotoShop Gurus.

First of all, what exactly do you want to do whit the sticker?

Unless you were trying to use the same sticker in another work.

If you want to redesign a new sticker based on the one in the wall, a digital picture taken in high resolution will be enough, make sure you got a nice and clean light on the object.

Other ways, if you feel like a scanned version will be better, then you can do it, also make sure you scan the image in a very high resolution 175-300 dpi will be fine.

Hope this helps.