How to make a ruler?

I need to make a ruler in 1/32nd increments 4 inches high and 1/2 inch wide, I've tried going for help in other places but I'm such a newb to PS that I can't get it to come out right.....specifically I asked for help here
but they don't seem a very friendly place for newbs.


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Mason, the link you provided gave some very good detailed directions on how to create a ruler. Regardless of how "friendly" the might not have seemed, they did answer your question in detail, even clarifying the 1 pixel line direction.

The technique they gave you works quite well (I tried it). The only thing they did not cover was entering a type layer if you want to include numbers on the image.

What problems exactly are you having following the directions they gave?

EDIT: I reread your question, and the replies, and realized that although functional, there had to be a better way for you to tackle the problem.
Even though you are new to photoshop, you have access to enough "basic" operations, so that I will give you the steps, but for the "basics," you will have to read up on those yourself.

Create a new 4" x 2" document (Canvas1), filled with white.
Create a new .03125" x 1" document (Canvas2), filled with white.
Use the Zoom tool to enlarge the canvas.
With the Single Column Marquee tool, click on the left side of Canvas2.
Edit> Fill> foreground color (Ctrl+'E', 'L', enter). This makes the selection black.
Edit>Define Pattern, name it 1_32, or whatever you wish.
Click on Canvas1, and the Fill Tool ('G'). At the top on the menu bar, select "pattern" instead of "foreground". then click on Canvas1.
The pattern is across the canvas, so take a rectangular marquee, and draw out a rectangle across the bottom to cut off unneeded length. Use the Single Column marquee tool to add length at appropriate points.

Hope this helps you some!
After i open PS, i go to file>new>width .5 in inches and 4 for inches for my ruler

I then go to file>new>width .25 and .03125 for height(for 1/32nd inch)for my fill pattern

Then when i go to pencil, 1 px, i magnify the new 1/32" box/window to draw a line across the bottom better, but when i do this i get a block(the 1 px pencil) the same height of the box, so there is no white space up on top which i would assume should be there for the distance between 1/32nd i'm kinda stuck there
I finally got around to trying this but i've hit a snag. When I "Click on Canvas1, and the Fill Tool ('G'). At the top on the menu bar, select "pattern" instead of "foreground". then click on Canvas1. " my canvas 1 turns completely black. I've tried it several times so I'm pretty sure I'm not making a mistake. Is their a step that is missing?
thanx Rick but I don't need one that fancy. Just plain white with black increments would be sufficient.

I've tried for an hour now to fiddle around with the instructions given and I can't get it work. Would somebody be so kind as to email me a PSD file of the ruler at