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how to make text more vibrant and more interesting to read.


Power User
guys , I was just making a section which contains the about us paragraph . i usually see the about us sections are quite boring and the text from a users perspective is quite boring and uninteresting . have a look below :


can that be made anymore interesting ? how ?

i mean from a UI perspective , would it be good if i used just for the sake of attention grabbing , used a certain words as highlighters ( made them bold or bigger font or a different font ) ?

i just want to keep it simple but at the same time make the content more interesting (in a graphic way) . whats the simpliest and best way to do this ..... instead of a demontration , suggestions would be great .

Thank you.

Gautam .


In my opinion, it really depends on what emotion do you want to evoke from the text, from the text picture you posted, I think you may want the text to look spontaneous, but in the design and the font you selected, I getting a formal vibes. So simple change like changing the font can make the text appear more casual. Also, I suggest you remove the double quotes, because they are part of what makes the text formal. I also suggest you add a picture of one of the T-Shirts you are selling, that way, the customer can look at it and understand what your T-****s are trying to do for them