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how to print high resolution text into low resolution

hi all,

I want to print a book, however it contains text, images, and dark background. My requirement is to print text and reduce pics resolution as much as possible and without dark background of texts to reduce printers ink cost. I am also OK if any tool converts my books pics into low resolution to reduce printing cast. I am using canon C3320 printer.

any suggestions?

It would help to see an example page.
The biggest leverage probably is
1) Making background white (no ink)
2) Printing at lower quality such as normal or draft instead of photo

Printing at low resolution does not by itself change ink usage, just lowers the quality of the image. That is unless you are reducing the size of the image. Now reducing the size of the image will reduce that amount of ink used. That is not hard to do yet not sure if that is what you meant.

Hope this helps
John Wheeler
Hi John,
Please see attached two jpg files which I have scanned and now want to take black and white printout. however due to dark background, printed content are not properly visible and due to photo in the page it consumes to much of ink. so my question is

1. how can i remove color background completely ? i am only interested in the text.
2. how can i reduce the photo quality? can pic be changed into rough pencil drawings without any colors in it ? is there any tool to do this ? remember I want to do this operation on more that 500 jpg files.
3. is there way to completely delete the pic from a given jpg ?



Hi Ravi
There is no single automated way to do what you want so part of this is how much manual work do you want to put into each image. here are the factors with which you are dealing
Text on the page comes in multiple colors, black, white, and various colors. So some text would need to be inverted to be black or selected for special treatment.

So let me start with a quick and dirty way to achieve a lower cost.
1) Covert the image to grayscale
2) Print each page with black ink only (the cheapest) and do so in draft mode. (if you can stand the lack of contrast you could also lighten all the pages as well before printing

I say the above because there is a cost to your time and energy to individually manipulate all pages by hand for a lower cost result.

Now if you are planning to print a ton of copies, maybe there is a different tradeoff yet then you come up against copyright laws and I can't help you there.

Hope this helps
John Wheeler
Hi John,

>>>>The biggest leverage probably is
>>>>1) Making background white (no ink)

How can I make background white ? is there any easy tool for this ? how can it be done in photoshop ? plz explain me the procedure. I am a new user to photoshop.

>>>>2) Printing at lower quality such as normal or draft instead of photo

how can i convert a pic in draft ? which tool to use

>>>> 1) Covert the image to grayscale

which tool to use an how?