How to remove the photo flash light???

Cropping off the offending part is an option as Rich has demonstrated, but if you need the whole picture i think it can still be done with layer masks. I think you need to icolated the offending area with a layer mask and desaturate that section of the picture. I wil give it a try for you if you can post a larger copy
When you have a problem like this one, it is best to start by looking at the separate channels in the channels palette. These may well be damaged in the orangy area.
But even if they are, you are lucky as you have all colour and textyure information at the right side of the picture, and the basic lightness at the left-hand side.
So you can clone, copy, heal,...
Just for fun I tried the new Match Color command from Photoshop CS to see if I could duplicate the image, crop off the flash in my source, and apply it to a mask on the target. It didn't work. No magic there, sigh. Back to cropping or hand work.
(PSD) Sergiy

Desaturate half of the picture. Use color matching to pick up the colors from the other side. Take a small soft brush and softly put the colors on under lower Opacity 15-35%.
Oh yeah i forget! In desaturated places you can make another layer on top of desaturated and turn it into the Mask. Than Blurr it little bit from inside or at the sides.

Good Luck :)


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But, techtv solution was not more detail,
so i don't understand what he say!!!
I want the deep detail answer, about solve the flash light photo problem!!!