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How to replicate this soft, painted look and colour filter to my images?

Hi all!

I need some help with something I have been struggling to replicate myself - although this could be because I haven't really touched Photoshop in 8 years.

I would like to know the steps I need to take in order to make my pictures look similar - colour wise (saturated pinks and blues) and filter wise (a very soft, almost painted look)

I have tried using a frequency separation technique as well as surface blur but am becoming quite frustrated with myself.

I would greatly appreciate any help! Thank you in advance ☺️

85378F3B-E570-4C15-BA4E-D85961F474D7.jpeg 4320949E-DD73-493B-B3B1-8FB607056AA9.jpeg


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Just a quick test...
I used the camera raw filter in luminance and played with the sliders until I got a soft look.
I repeated it.
With a mask I got rid of the parts not in need of softness.
I added a purple color layer in soft light blend mode and reduced the opacity.
You can dodge and burn until you achieve the desired effect.
I'm sure there are more PS tools/adjustments/filters you can use but this is an quick example of how to without a plug-in...
As I said before, all these things can be achieved with a plug-in as mentionned but you have to experiment with the native PS tools because the plug-ins are in fact a series of PS effects combined and adjustable.


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I agree with Eggy, just wanted to add that in camera raw they added recently a new option called texture that also helps in this case i think, and combined with luminance can achive the painted effect but less blurry and maintaining a lot more detail.

2 minut example.