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How to save a custom brush.

Guys please how do I save a brush after modifying it so that I don't have to start again?
Guys I'm still kinda new to photoshop. This morning I created a new brush stroke and in the brush presets panel I added some modifications to it, but after I changed brush, all the modifications from the brush stroke I created were gone. So how do I save the modified brush next time? Thx


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Once you have made any changes to a native brush or a custom made brush and saved it as a preset...........all the changes you made to the brush will be saved as a new brush preset while preserving the original. Just like saving a file. Anytime you open a saved brush preset, it will open EXACTLY as you saved it..............if you want to make slight adjustments to the preset, you will have to re-save again, just like a file.