how to shape my text inside a figure


Hey everyone,

This is a good example of what I want to accomplish. Is there a faster way than having the image on a background layer and positioning all the text word by word? I want to do this for the state o hawaii and have the cities make up the islands. There 8 islands and it gets to be a little much jus word by word.

Thanks in advance everyone.

thanks hawkeye,

my main goal is to take away the shape and let the text make the shape Will that work with it conformed to a shape or will that delete the text when I get rid of the shape.

Also, can I pull this same process off in Illustrator ?


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Hey Shawn,

Using the pen tool or a custom shape tool works really well for some text within shape processes, unfortunately, I don't think it will work in this circumstance other than serving as an outline from which to form the text unless you want your text all going in the same direction and not conforming to the outline very well.

If your truly going for the same effect as you show in your example, it will take time and patience by creating text, rastorizing, and then placing the text/words in exact places and then using almost all of the transform tools (maybe the Liquify filter) in order to mold the text to the shape of the islands using the shape outlines on separate layers as guide that can be turned off later.

Good luck.
I agree with Sam, Pen tool always comes to the rescue but not in this case. You would have to type the text, rasterize the layer, Use transformation followed by Warp or Liquify tool to achieve the desired effect.
I appreciate all the input, THe pen tool is not going to work for this idea I have come to realize. I have start on the design and like where its going, it is just going to take me a little bit of time. Here what I've got so far.
hawaii text design.jpg
Only 7 more islands in the chain to go.

thank you, thank you,

It is actually a design for a clothing line. I'm headed out there in two weeks. Would like to be wearing it on a shirt by then.