how to split image in half???

is there a way to split image, to work on both half separately, and then to make them together again as one photo? i want to try some effects on face on my image.
An easy one... open the photo...make a new window, same size and resolution..marque the area of the original photo that you want.. copy and paste or drag the marqueed area over to the new what you want to do to it then drag it back. If you want to work on both of them then copy the orig. to yet another window. Also If it's just going to be some basic, simple correction such, you don't have to go through all these steps. Whatever you do the the image will effect the marqueed area only. Good luck
Isn't that what layers are for? Make a copy of your original layer, select half of it and delete it. you can now work in "two halves" and you don't have to worry about tweaking or cropping or whatever to make them match up at the end.


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If you have photoshop here is how you would split the photo exactly in half:

First duplicate the background layer - so you have an unlocked layer to work with.

Second ctrl-t the image which will put a bounding box around the image so that you can move it - but don't move it...take advantage of the fact that the bounding box shows you the exact middle of the image.

Third ctrl-r pull a ruler line (take the mouse, go over the to ruler, hold down the left button and drag) position on the middle of the image so you have it marked

Push enter to clear the transform command

Fourth use your select button to select exactly half of the image.

Edit > Copy Merged

File > New

You will now have exactly one half of the image

If you wanted to crop half of it - then you would use your guide and the crop tool.

If you later would like to go back in time and undo your actions open the history palette and take a snap shot before you begin.

Also - if you're new to photoshop - work on a copy of the image and not the original

Hope this helps, Cheers - 7
by the way, i think there's another nice way of doing it (working on some part of the image), and i think it'll work only on cs4 and not older versions.

use the crop tool to crop the image and work on the part you wanna work. after you're done, go to the menu (i think view or edit or something, i don't remember..) and choose "Reveal All", and it'll reveal the photo you had at the beginning

in RAW editor it defenitely works, and i'm almost sure it works also in regular mode
Well, if you're just wanting to split the image vertically or horizontally (or just take a rectangular portion of an image), you could use at AtlasSprite and then change the rectangle according to what you need to show.


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Split/Cut and Image in Half Photoshop Tutorial

All the posted solutions are foolish, because why on earth would you actually cut the image in half, when all you need is two layer groups, one with a black/white mask, the other one with the inverted version of that mask. Heck, you can even use a more advance mask if you wanted to!

Using a mask is non-destructive, meaning you don't have to actually delete any part of the photos to place them side by side.

In Photoshop CS5 or even CS4 you can very easily create a mask by just clicking the layer mask icon above the layers palette and then painting/filling the area you want transparent with black.

Likewise you can go back and paint any areas that you want to not be transparent white, and you will always be able to do this after making the edits, so you won't lose any part of the image permanently.

Finding exact middle of image: Go View -> New Guide... -> type 50% Horizontal or Vertical.
Selecting 50% of image: Go View -> Snap and check Snap to... includes Guides.
Pick rectangular Marquee Tool from Tool Bar, draw selection box from either image side to Gudie, make sure it snaps to guide.
Hit Ctrl/Cmd + J to Jump copy of selected area to new Layer.
Do whatever you intended to do from there.


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Isn't that what layers are for? Make a copy of your original layer, select half of it and delete it. you can now work in "two halves" and you don't have to worry about tweaking or cropping or whatever to make them match up at the end.
If the reason for the question is to make changes to half of the image and not the other half then djluckyonline and 2pixels are absolutely right.
Layers or masks are ways to work on different parts of an image independently.

Look at 2pixcels post.
It's an excellent example and description.
That's the way I would do it.
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Easy, There's layering, multiple windows of same image, Cropping and putting together, importing two images into one and go from there. You can always check the resolution (image size) from Image >> image size *useful when trying to crop it exactly.