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How to Use Dodge & Burn Tools in Photoshop for Portrait Lighting Video Tutorial


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Photoshop Top 40 with Deke McClelland #26 - Dodge and Burn Tools

In this Photoshop video tutorial Deke shows how to use the Dodge and Burn tools to dramatically alter the lighting of a portrait. He darkens with the burn tool, shows you how to protect the highlights while doing so, then adds fill light with the Dodge tool and cleans it all up with the Sponge Tool. The Sponge Tool is not so well known but it an be used to saturate or desaturate color and correct problems often caused by Dodge and Burn.

I will say that the way Deke does this particular photo may not be the best method because it is destructive. He does show you how to use a saved History state to come back in and paint areas back to the original, but there's some better methods to keep it non-destructive such as Dodge/Burning a 50% gray layer set to Soft Light blending mode instead of the photo layer, or using masked curves adjustment layers... but I think this video is still very good for demonstrating how these tools are to be used.



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Thanks for posting these Yutosi, great stuff, esp. the Deke vids.