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How would i create this surface effect please?

Hi everyone

After a bit of advice please, I am trying to create this uneven surface effect you can see on the side of this Lancaster Bomber. I would like to add it as a final layer above all paint, panel lines etc. I have had a mess about with bevel & emboss, contour and texture on the Blending Options of a final layer, but while it looks ok-ish it's not quite right. if you notice in the picture it takes the unevenness follows a grid pattern where the outside aluminium is riveted to a metal frame. This is what I am trying to duplicate. Any thoughts, please?

On skins? If so, show the skins and your work.

There's not much to show at the moment. This is the whole base skin consisting of a few coloured layers and some panel lines.


the effect I am trying to do is on the top part of the skin on a separate layer, a close up here


Thats my best attempt, it looks a little like mottling on the brown layer. it's not too bad but I'm trying to get something more representative of the picture in my first post


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I'm still not certain what it is your trying to accomplish. I believe it's the texture from the fuselage of the Lancaster that's visible when the light angle is just right.

I've worked with skins before but nothing like what you are showing in post #3.

But to offer a starting point, your on the right track in using texture from a pattern overlay (Layer Style). You may have to create your own custom pattern texture.

Perhaps something like this....
Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 8.36.22 AM.png

I'm not sure about the the pattern as I'm not familiar with the frame structure under the aluminum skin on a Lancaster.

You may also want to check out Bump Mapping.
Thanks, Sam, I will look into it. Yes the effect I am trying to replicate is the unevenness of the aluminium skin.

Compare the picture in my first post to this screenshot of my skin

12.06.2019 10-52-10.jpg

although I have weathereing, panel lines and rivets to add yet, as well as shading and colouring, you can see how smooth my skin is compared to the picture. I will try your suggestions, thank you


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Looking at the materials map I assume you're working in PS 3D.
I started working with 3D in PS but moved on to a 'real' 3D program.

As @IamSam stated you'll need to use a bump map to achieve that effect.
Here's a nice simple tutorial on 'how to':
I am using PS CC 2015. The screenshot was taken in a game, IL-2 1946 which i use. Thanks for the information on bump mapping, I will try it out and get back with my results. Thanks again