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Howdy! I'm new here. I found the site by searching for a Page Curl effect. The one I found here was by far the most difficult for me, but the most realistic. It REALLY helped me out a lot! So much that I decided to register here and see what else I might be able to learn from y'all!

So, here's what I ultimately created with the tutorial. This is by far the best thing I've created in PS.
I used PSCS, and it took me about 5+ hours to do - kept getting the perspective of the pages off.

Any feedback would be appreciated! :)

Hi Kelli and welcome to the forums. You sure made good use of the page curl tute. That's one of theKeeper's who owns site and is a real PS whiz.

As far as feedback goes the curls are great! My only critical thought was that the shadow between the first two curled pages and the third looks a little dark and I suspect you used a black or grey in adding the shadow. I'd suggest using the eyedropper tool and click on your page color and then choose a very dark shade of that color rather than a pure black. Shadows are almost never pure black or grey, even if you are using a Multiply blend mode, and look better if they have a touch of the pigment of the plane or layer upon which the shadow falls.

Great tip! I'll fix that tomorrow when I get back to work!

Thanks for the feedback! :)

Think I'm gonna go sniff around here a bit. See what I can get into. :perfect:

Howdy Raven!
Welcome to the community Kelli, we hope you enjoy your stay. honesty]

That's a great job you've done with the effect. Nice going. :}