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hows this done


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Hi, as a retired wedding photographer with 30+ years experience I can say how it is done.
Not photoshopped. It is done by using slave flash triggers connected flash units. One small one placed in the umbrella they are holding, another placed at a distance behind the couple and out of sight of the camera, but pointing back at the camera.
The Main camera flash fires a small very weak flash, barely registering on the image chip, which in turn fires the flash unit in the umbrella, and that in turn fires the flash behind them. Since all are activated by light, which travels very fast, it happens in a split fraction of a second... (as habit, I carried a white bed sheet with me in my car, and would place it on the ground when in wet or damp conditions. I would get the bride to stand on it, and then tuck it up under the wedding dress, so that only the slightest edge does not touch the wet/damp ground.

Regards, Sandy