Hunted/new manipulation

I like the full version better.

How many things are on different layers?

Both the bull and the woman's dress should have more of an edge glow. If the woman for instance is on a separate layer, you ctl/cmd click on her thumbnail, take a soft medium size brush with a pale yellow (or ...) at low opacity, 20-40 maybe, experiment, and do this on an above layer, run it around the edge of the selection and just a glow inside the line will result. You can just make an edge selection on the bull or anything not its own layer.

You might even be able to add an outer glow to the woman but it should be confined to the light side which would require a kind of rasterizing. But I think a glow that works its way around the edge is better.

I would also lighten the yellow below the lady's arm or add a center glow to it.
Oh yeh ... sorry i think at a quick count there is approx 27 layers and thats after merging some of them, there is at least 2 x gradiant maps over it and 2 x gradiants layers , the woman and the beast are on their own layer and will be able to do what you surgested.. there is also various adjustment layers both on indevidual layers and over all other layers seperatly.

Post further results again soon.
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OH SUGAR ( Not the word i wanted to use realy but..) getting told off for being on Photoshop too much... Had my wrist slapped...

I just find it so addictive... when you guys give such good advice and then i go back and back and back and try again... Then i get a new idea of what i want to do next ... then i'm at it again....

DOH .... started talking to meself again.... Must go..
Oh yeh ... sorry i think at a quick count there is approx 27 layers
LOL, know how that goes!

OH SUGAR ... getting told off for being on Photoshop too much... Had my wrist slapped...

I just find it so addictive...
started talking to meself again.... Must go..
That straight jacket ...what color would you like for Christmas?
EST is optional.
Now that's a question that's put me st8 back in it,

" urm... GREEN ... NO that's.. not sure.."
" urm...YELLOW... No that's to bright( not really me ).."
"urm.... BLUE.....NO that's to cold"
"urm... RED.....maybe..don't now..... possibly.....could be ...... should be.... might be " " i know"

"ALL OF THEM" Now that's a color"..... "Oh No my next project has gone all water colored again...."..

IS EST possible on all of them...

It's all yours and you don't have to attribute it.

The manipulation does look better. In my opinion though, the glow is a bit too much behind her on the left. I like the keyhole shape which is now obscured. The "flare" of light is especially bright, and those things throw it off for me. I do, however, like the way the glow extends into the BG sky. Sigh, I would drive you nuts except you already are . . .

Well, I like it regardless.

May Photoshop always greet you
May a muse be always at your back
May your skulking sessions become a memory and
May your monitor shine warm upon your face

(part of an old Irish blessing)
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I like it. How about you? Are you pleased?

I have to find out more about the Facebook Album option Hoogle set up. I didn't want to post anything at the time, because I was afraid my work wasn't good enough, lol. Whatever.

Anyway, we should be saving some pieces in folders or even in the PSG albums. Then we can get some work on FB. There is so little there and we have so much talent here.

Blah blah blah . . . :cry:
I like it. I think if the girl was a little more vibrant or something she would stand out more. Right now she seems to blend into the rest of the forest. Looks good though. :)