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i love to help people out in photoshop! ♥♥♥


Hi everybody, My name is Alex i speak English/Swedish/Russian. Just created my profile here to help some people out while hopefully getting back on my feet again :)
Usually i design things for my friends like logos, thumbnails, banners, even 3D at times when I am messing around on my computer so don't hesitate to contact me!
Recently moved to the UK and working a minimum-wage job as a cashier at convenience store but LOVE anything computer-related and hope you do as well.
As employee we don't even receive 0.01% discount at the shop so restocking my Monster energy drinks have become a hard task especially when England introduced SUGAR-TAX!!! (cannot make something this stupid up) and most drinks only increased by 20-30 pence (or 40ish cents i guess if translated) which adds up over time.
Previous Projects:
Here is all the things i could find that i made over the past couple of years based on what people requested with tons of different usage for each and every individual.
I love to give people many color combinations plus have 5+ years experience in photoshop so have a look below at what i'm capable of & PM if you like what you see.
*I threw in as many logos + design elements as i could fit and some are requested to look like pre-existing styles like budweiser or Gta 5 to be extra eye catching*

I am open minded to any ideas plus recommend many alternatives for each project. Image is a link here instead of attachment due to 3500x3500 pixel limit.
But if you like any logo in a higher definition to look at or admire just hit me up and i try to get back to you with some selected ones when i got time.

Hope i can find someone to work with so i can keep making creative and interesting designs for any person or company in need! Hope you have a lovely day <3