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Specific I need these images decomposed please help.


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So I have these 2 png files that are different in size varying, but are the "same image". To be honest my gf has been getting messaged 2 images at a time by random, but always points it off, but she saved them all so something not right, I've looked into the images information and the one thing I know is they're blended images, with file names as rendered1 and rendered11, but looking through forums I see that 2 blended images can be unblended through certain ways, but I'm lost at this point, please help.




You posted these a couple of days ago. Unfortunately, you are using words that most of us do not understand. When you say that you want the image "unblended", I do not know what that means.

Sometimes, in a Photoshop file, there are different layers where different effects are achieved. In a Photoshop file, it is sometimes possible to "turn off" a layer to go back to the original state. But in your case, these are jpeg files and it is impossible to know what they might have looked like before somebody edited them.

Can you please describe how you would like the image to look after it has been changed to your desired end-state? Please be as detailed as possible to describe what you want, instead of just using words like "unblend". For example, it may be that you want each candy bar to be individual, rather than a grouping of three stacked behind each other. But that's just a guess—we do not know what you want.


Hi @Crazyizaz

I too do not exactly understand the question yet I can tell you about the two files.
First, both in your first post and your second post all of the images are JPEG files and not PNG files. They also went through the JPEG lossey compression so if there is some subtle difference between the two images, the lossey compression will mask some of those differences.

That said, there is some yet not a lot of differences between the two images. First here is a side by side info comparisonz;

Screen Shot 2021-04-07 at 3.11.53 PM.png

It shows
- they are both JPEG images
- they are identical in pixel size and also total image size (thats a bit unusual for compressed images)
- they are using an unusual Color profile that IOS 10 and beyond only use when sending via mail for wide gamut. If you want careful comparison between the images, they should not go through any type of other conversion and should remain as the original file format and color space.

Note that special steps had to be taken to read both files into Photoshop as I get an error flag noting that those color profiles are input only (yellow flag)

Next, I looked for the exact pixel differences between the two image. I overlaid them in Photoshop and used a difference blend. To the first order it came out black yet a histogran on the right shows that the color numbers did have some significant differences:

Screen Shot 2021-04-07 at 3.13.30 PM.png

Then I amplified the image so that any pixel that had non zero bits in their color channel would be maxed out on a channel basis. So the image below has max amplification for you to see where the differences were located.

So some modification was made (don't know what) yet it created very subtle differences between the images.

Screen Shot 2021-04-07 at 3.18.39 PM.png

That is as far as I can take it with the limitations of the image being JPEG and in a non standard color profile.
Hope this helps
John Wheeler