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So I have a customer that asked me to do a photo shoot of their senior this week. She had a specific request that her son's senior picture looks similar to her father' senior picture. I have two pictures here on of a current subject and the picture of her dad that was taken in 1969. I was wanting to see if I could get some ideas and feedback as to how to accomplish this task. I have tried many different things but just can't seem to get that same look or something similar. The subject always still looks like he is a digital photo. I know the 1969 photo was hand tinted. I also know that I won't be able to get exactly but I want to be as close as possible. Thanks again for everyone's help.

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Thanks for the response. Definitely this is going in the right direction. Now what about color should I just mask color in or should I use a layer with a blend mode of color?
Colour matched and 1px field blur...


The 'Match colour' adjustment has some settings so you will be able to get a more precise result than my quick example.

You'll find the 'Match colour' adjustment under IMAGE > ADJUSTMENTS > MATCH COLOUR...have the NEW photo opened when you use it and select the OLD photo from the dropdown, then adjust to taste.

Should give you a starting point if nothing else.

Thanks gedstar. My goal was to get ideas. I liked your idea and had never thought of using nik to help with some of my output. I was looking online at the nik collection and there seems to be some filters that might actually help me accomplish what I need to do. There were a couple of others that I was going to try that I hadn't thought of before as well.

This is not an easy project and definitely has a learning curve to it. Thanks again. I am so looking forward to getting home after work and applying some of the techniques here.
Oh sorry, i tried several things... in the nick collection i thought in glamor glow at first for that look but dind't like it, i used strong noise instead.

btw:i converted the image in to a drawn first and lowered the opacity.
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Nice, but you could desaturate the g clef more by using the sponge tool set to desaturate.
Eggy I see what you are saying. I am not sure how I missed that. I must have got into a tunnel vision mode. Do you think I should go over the whole image with the sponge set on desaturate or only the g clef?


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It happens to me too when I'm 'overfocused'...:biglaff:

I would only desaturate the g clef but I would also try to soften the hard black of the shirt by using image/adjustment/shadows-highlights

Select only the shirt!

Something like this and dodge the dark parts

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So after some research, looking at the suggestions, and a little time and effort I finally came up with something super close. I don't think we will ever be able to duplicate things exactly but I can come close. I want to thank everyone for all their help. It definitely got the wheels turning. I just need a background that will be a bit lighter. Nothing I can't find at Walmart or something in the fabric department .

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Hey Jaydog,

I think what's missing is a bit of contrast, a soft blur, a stronger edge blur, and some noise.

I quickly added two curves adjustment layers one dark and one light for a dodge & burn.
I then added a soft Gaussian blur, and then used the blur tool set a 25% around the subjects edges.
Then some noise.

This is a fast example so it's not perfect.
Thanks Iamsam. I felt it was still missimg something. I'll take a look at it again. I also know that changing the background should help as well. I did add some noise but I think I was afraid of over doing it. This is one of those projects where you don't want to go over the too. But I didn't think of blurring the edges.