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I am wondering if someone can help please?

I am looking to convert the two attached files into vectors (so I can change the colour of them as and when I want to a single colour).

Where do I start? I have tried all the tracing options on Illustrator and they are not what I am looking for. I have tried a couple of 'sketching' online apps, but they only export to jpeg.

Are there any tutorials that I can use?

Thanks in advance



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Hi, have you tried Image Trace?

1 Open image and select.
2 Go to Window tab and select Image Trace (window img).
3 Within Presets choose High Fidelity Photo (img-trace img).
4 Go to Object tab Image Trace > Expand (expand img).
5 Right click within image and select UnGroup.

You should now be able to edit which ever part you wish to (final img).