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New here and in need of some help. Im trying to create some text with vector image of lightning going through it. Its been a long time since ive messed around in Illustrator and for the life of me I cant remember how to combine the to images so that they are one when im done. I will eventually be taking the image into Photoshop to be put on a mock up tshirt and dont want the excess lightning showing that doesn't go inside the text. Can someone please help me? I appreciate any and all help. Hope i explained that well enough.
Select all by pressing 'ctrl + a' then press 'ctrl + g'. This will group everything together. Of course you could have meant a few things like combining the paths and such, but if this is not what you meant, just let me know.

You don't have to group everything together though, just import the .AI file to Photoshop, and it will all be there.
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thanks for the reply. I want to cutout the excess lines from the lightning that exceed the letters. So maybe combining paths may be what I need to do? I will try to upload a photo of it when I get home tonight to help out visually.


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Ive attached a .gif of what i want the text and vector image to look like when im finished. However right now its on a white background. So I want to be able to combine the lightning into the text with nothing else protruding from the text. Hope this helps you with a visual.