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I'm stuck! Minimised tools palette and can't press or access hardly anything!

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Hi! I'm stuck and would really appreciate if someone knew how to get me out of this one.

I was working in a document in Photoshop CC, latest update on a Mac with El Capitan 10.11.6, apparently pressed the wrong keys or key combination, and then all my palettes disappeared (my documents remained open). I brought them back but now all of a sudden my image has a pink tint to it, like it's in quick mask mode. Also, my tools palette has changed and is now limited to only 5 tools. And most options in the menus are greyed out except for opening various windows like layers etc. And nothing happens when I press anything in my layers palette. I've worked with Photoshop for 15 years, but never come across this. That said, I only jumped onto the CC earlier this year, so perhaps this is something new in Photoshop CC?

I've also noticed that I can't highlight or switch to another document, access preferences or even quit Photoshop as it is. Under the Edit menu, there is one option that's not greyed out, "Start dictation". Curious.

Anyway, would greatly appreciate any tips, as I'm on a deadline and completely stuck! Cheers!


I figured it out. I was in select and mask mode, which is new in CC, hence I didn't know it. Trying to delete this post, but can't see where to do this. Sorry.
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