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Specific Image blur help

So I have these 4 images that I can't get rid of the blur on and restore maximum image quality. I tried messing with gaussian blur and sharpening to no avail. If anyone could help I'd be very appreciative. Also these will later be sized down into 3 different sizes each. (18x18 36x36 72x72 with transparent background) if anyone could help keep image quality I'd be so grateful. Thanks in advance :)






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(Not sure if you wanted advices on how to do it or did you want the pictures done.)

Since the images are pretty simple to recreate, I would draw them with the pen tool in illustrator or even in photoshop. The technique you were using is very easy on black and white graphics, but it's a little harder on pictures with color. It's my (not guru) opinion, but I'm really curious on what a more experienced member would do.
I see this as a straightforward and relatively easy process using the shape tool and a gradient fill. For the hexagon, just make one and then copy to create the nested hexagons. The bee shape is also relatively easy process. Save as .png files to keep the transparent background. I would just make it at the largest size so it can be shrunk as desired. Here is a quick go at the hex.

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Thank you all for the insight and taking the time out of your day to share your knowledge with me and help me out. I really appreciate you guys.