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Image not showing up as a layer

Very basic beginner question I'm sure, but I'm just starting out and when I add an image (file, open) the image does not show up on the right as being a layer. Is this a fault with Photoshop (I'm using an old version) or am I doing something wrong?
It maybe not your probemlm but I'm a Newby too and something that happened to me twice was to check the file extension on your picture you saved for editing.....Jpeg, Tiff, Ping or the like.....for some reason certain pictures I saved weren't saved correct. (The name of the file followed by a dot then the extension....example Sunset on beach.jpg).........Once you change their extension is works everytime
You could also try the command Window > Workspace > Reset Essentials

Note the "Essentials" may have another name depending on the workspace you have open. "Essentials" is a good one to start with

Hope that helps

John Wheeler