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Hi Snowdog -- I like your "invasion" piece. :D The ideas I had was doing something with the round front door/cover which is partially open...I'm not an expert here, but although the door is flat, it seems "too flat" if you know what I mean, like perhaps if it had a bit of thickness and slight beveling for the edge around it it could look more dimensional. Perhaps a bit more contrast also between the ipod and background.... Another idea might be to add a bit of highlighting, in a subtle way, just so the plastic door has a bit of smooth semi-gloss shine, say on a forward edge, maybe a slight gradient change in tone as the door receeds away from the foreground. I don't own an ipod so I can't say more than that about it's structure.
Lol, I like it. I agree with Raven on the door (button panel), it seems about half way around the circle its thinkness seems to dissapear.....maybe a drop shawdow may help a bit. Great idea :D
Ahh. I came late to this thread, SnowDog and upon seeing the first image agreed with Raven's fine critique. Dare I say your redo is perfect?

That's really funny. Ya know, if you let that image go on the internet it could become a cult classic. Speaking of iPod World...




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haha very clever snowdog. that is a wonderful idea and great work on it. did you make the little guy or find him online?

/cant buy an ipod now
//is scared of the little green men


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Thanks for the compliments guys. I am gald you like the redo, I was pretty happy with it after I spent some more time on it.

ooptea the alien is mine , I made it with an old 3D program on my Amiga. Unfotunelty the Ipod is not mine but a pic I found on the net.

Welles that link to the Ipod world movie is GREAT!!!!

thanks glad you all liked it