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I've feel in love with a camera! is it worth it?


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Hey! I'm not a massive photographer but I'd love to start, I've seen a camera and I think I love it ;)

It's a Canon PowerShot SX40HS, I don't know a lot about cameras regarding hardware and what not so your advice would be greatly appreciated. The camera takes up my entire budget for spending on a camera (around £400) so if you know anything better for the amount, I love bargains! :D

Thanks in advance

(the official camera tour: Canon PowerShot SX40HS Tour - Digital Compact Camera - Canon UK)


Well it seems a good camera but over priced as you can get entry level dslrs for the same price pretty much that you can upgrade at any time by swapping lenses to suit your needs.

So my advice is If you just want a good quality point and shoot then it is fine

If you want to look at getting into photography on a more serious level then look at canons rebel range or nikon d5000\5100 range, cameras start at around £500 I should think for a basic kit however they are the mid level entry cameras that professional photographers use.

Ok it pushes your budget a bit more if you buy brand new but I have seen factory refurbs or 2nd had ones that do meet your budget but you have the option of changing lenses syncing up lighting etc on a more professional level.