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Just got a new motorcycle!


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*File size - 8.03MB*

This is a video of the new-used bike (Yamaha YZF600R) I just got a few days ago. You can also see my old one (1981 Honda CM400E) in the BG. I'm putting my windscreen back on in the first part of the vid if you were wondering.

For those of you on dial-up I posted a pic below.
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When I lay down on the tank you should see what my face shield looks like. The bugs just fly over the front of the bike and make my helmet look like the front of a car after a long trip.
Nice scoot Wait, though I'm a hog rider. But hey, to ride is to ride. Not a lot of folks know what a rush two-wheelin' is. [:I


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You're telling me. Not sure what it is but I've got the riding bug. The Honda I had was more of a cruiser style. The only problem with it was the engine age and size. You wouldn?t believe the difference in going from a 1981 400cc to a 2002 600cc. Think 21 years of technology has anything to do with it? \:]

Like you said "to ride is to ride."



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i restored a 1975 honda super sport. its a 750cc blue and runs like a charm. i am looking to buy a new honda shadow here soon followed by my Rune. Riding is an adiction that is for sure some people get it some dont.
Riding bikes rocks :perfect:

I used to own a 1200 sportster with an S&S kit :).......that was heaps of fun.