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Justice Americana


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well like most of my graphics , it is open for interpretation . To me it represents that America is beautiful but at the same time it can be dangerous and hold it's own.

one person told me the graphic comes across as if I'm a Rifle loving , NRA member supporting the war :) but to each his/her own


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the concept is good but the girls eye and lips throw me a litttle. the eye color is to drastic (for me) and the "pouty" lips dont do it for me. but i like the idea
Yeah, I think the lips are fine, but the eye is a little weird. 3[ Looks more like evil America. Maybe make the red, blue or green. Also it would look cool if you made the flag wrap aroud the gun; maybe use a displacement map or liquify....


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Nice work! I agree about the eye, though...there's something a bit like she's sorta shocked-looking. It's well done though. I wasn't able to get the zoom-in to work -- the larger version didn't appear, just the broken link icon, so I can't really view it that size. In the small view the gun almost looks like it's coming out of her ear....but that's probably just because of the reduced version I could see.

I think I'll refrain from any political comparisons (ooptea I'm bein' good! ;) :rofl: ) or meanings.