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Learning graphic design

Tony Bowman

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Happy new year peops!

I've been looking for a 'mooc' (massive open online course) on graphic design, but so far without success. Any ideas?

Basically, I'm middle aged and gave up a career a couple of years ago. I've always liked dabbling with IT art and made some surprising pictures way back just using MS Word drawing tools and MS paint. I got into Photoshop after I gave up my job and quickly got to a reasonable skill level. I get paid for restorations and some compositing, and have a regular photographer client, but I don't get enough work and the cash is fast running out! Colour vision issues mean that whilst I have a reasonable skill in retouching beauty images, it's a bit of a no, no - and there are so many really great retouchers and designers, I have no hope to compete against them.

I keep practising and learning, but my learning is dis-organised and I need theory. I'm looking for a way to increase and improve my skills so I can get more work. As a child, graphic design was something I wanted to do, but back then it was the domain of engineers and architects (Photshop and the internet weren't available back then, and home computing was Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum!).

So where do I go from here? How about you? Did you start later in life, or perhaps start your digital art career as a hobby. If you didn't have formal education, how did you learn the art? If you work with photographers, how did you approach them? What sort of work do you do (my photographer does babies and children so I composite away parents and helpers).

Although I am looking specifically for free education ideas, I want this to be an open discussion about digital art and design. So if you want to talk about yourself, please do. I have :) And I'm interested in other people's journeys to a digital art career.