lighten only one side of a photo

My sister has a photo that was taken from outside a car window so on the right its nice and light but the subject on the right is dark
I need to lighten only the right side how would i do that?

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Do you mean the left side is to dark and the right side is light or the other way around, also it may help if you post the image in question!


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Use a Curves Adjustment layer to lighten the dark side. (note: You can use either a reveal all or conceal all layer mask, your choice.)

On the Curves Adjustment layers-layer mask, use whatever selection process your most comfortable with (I use the Brush Tool) to mask out lighter side.

Once the mask is in place, use the Curves Adjustment layer to fine tune the match to the lighter side.

You might also require additional Adjustment layers. Just add your layer mask to the new Adj. layers by holding the option/alt key and dragging the mask.


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Here's a quick edit using the method I described and a bit of clone work.

It's a very poor quality image so the results are not that great.
It'll be too grainy if you make it lighter. Probably you can apply black and white filter - the photo will look older but qaulity will be kinda saved if it's possible...
the intent is to have it printed in black and white eventually .I have asked for her to get it scanned on a decent resolution but I am still waiting .My sister lives 100s of miles from me so its not easy to get it done as she is not the best at remembering