Logo Design Challenge

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HI Everyone,

My Challenge to you is to keep my logo as original as possible while making it look more professional. I am working on making a website and will be having a black background.

If I decided to use your rendering I will be happy to send $40 via paypal.

Good luck.

BTW I needed this artwork a week ago. lol


Heres what my boss said about my designers logo.

I like the letter font but not the blue this should stay black. Not enough contrast blue on black.
The water drop doesn’t look like a water drop it should be more natural but also should resemble the letter O. Swollen drop ready to burst
The shadowed lettering and outlined letters on a truck from a distance will take away from the logos clarity. Your first logo was simple and clear.
The new logo has less of an orange swoop in background compared to the original. Orange is very different color not a lot of company logos use orange. Use more orange.
doing a logo usually requires knowing what it pertains to and more relevant info that the logo is trying to project WE COULD DO ALL SORTS OF RANDOM designs but just a word means or leads to no ideas here.
I don't know about this font. If you - or somebody here - could get me the name I can use that. That is, if you're interested in seeing more. Also, I didn't have much time to work on the water droplet and because that's something I've been wanting to do, I'd give it a go if you want. O/W I'll wait for another day.

So here's my RegionX Logo. :mrgreen:


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Thank you for all the great artwork. I am planning on picking a design today so if you need some time to finish up, send a PM and i'll wait for your submittal.
Oh and if you want my design give me notice as I will have to redo it I messed up and had to flatten the image and paint out a stroke around the big water droplet hence messy edges does not show on 100% view but with the enlargement it looks messy.
Thank you for all the great artwork. My boss has chosen f5designstudio as it was the most original.

His response "KISS - keep it simple, stupid!"

Thanks again.
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